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Customer Information : Tenant Agreement


The Tenant(s) acknowledge the following conditions of their rental of a chalet unit:

  1. The TOWN OF THE BLUE MOUNTAINS has adopted a NOISE BYLAW (#2002-09) which states "NO PERSON SHALL MAKE NOISE OR CAUSE NOISE TO BE MADE THAT WOULD BE LIKELY TO DISTURB THE INHABITANTS OF THE MUNICIPALITY".You are not allowed to disturb any of your neighbors or interfere with their enjoyment of the resort at any time of the day or night.  Only radios or compact audio devices are permitted inside the chalet - amplifiers and high volume sound systems are not permitted.  The Municipality is enforcing the Noise Bylaw with the Ontario Provincial Police and Tyrolean Village Resorts Ltd. Security.
  2. The chalet was rented to your group based on the understanding of the number of people who will be occupying the chalet. You may not have more people "staying" or "residing" in the chalet than was agreed upon in the Reservation Confirmation & Deposit Receipt. No guests are allowed in the chalet at any time unless agreed upon in advance with the Office.
  3. 3)The chalet was rented to you on the understanding that you were at least 21 years of age or that an adult, at least 25 years of age would be residing with you in the chalet at ALL times.
  4. TYROLEAN VILLAGE SECURITY reserves the right to enter a chalet during its occupation in the event that it has the grounds to believe there are more people than allowed in the chalet, that a noise violation has occurred, damages have occurred to the chalet or that the occupants are under 21 years of age.
  5. TYROLEAN VILLAGE RESORTS LTD. RESERVES THE RIGHT TO EVICT A TENANT without refund in the event that 1) more people are in the chalet than was agreed upon in the Reservation Confirmation & Deposit Receipt; 2) a noise violation has occurred; 3) damages have been done to the chalet; 4) the occupants of the chalet are under 21 years of age.  Also, the Tenant may lose their Security Deposit or be asked to increase the amount of their existing Security Deposit forthwith in the event that a problem of this nature has occurred, in the absolute discretion of Tyrolean Village Resorts Ltd.
  6. In order to ensure that you don't receive a cleaning charge on your final bill please pick up and bag all your garbage from inside and outside the chalet, wash your dishes and generally leave the chalet in a "reasonable" condition upon check out. There are garbage dumpsters beside the office where you must dispose of your garbage bags.  All recycling, properly separated, should be left inside the front door of the chalet.  You will find an instruction sheet regarding our garbage & recycling policies in the chalet.failure to follow these instructions will result in a charge to your Security Deposit
  7. The Tenant acknowledges that there is a minimum $300 charge for tampering with the fire extinguisher or fire detectors. There is a properly functioning smoke detector on every floor of the chalet.  It is the Tenant's responsibility to inform Tyrolean Village Resorts Ltd if this is not the case upon checking into their chalet.
  8. TYROLEAN VILLAGE RESORTS LTD. HAS A POLICY OF ZERO TOLERANCE with respect to the above rules.These rules are not meant to be overly severe but to ensure that ALL of our guests are able to ENJOY the resort.
  9. After check out, within 2-3 days, your chalet will be cleaned and as long as there are no damages or cleaning charges your Security Deposit will be destroyed.
  10. The Office is open from 8:30am to 7pm Mon. to Fri. and 10am to 4pm Sat. & Sun. Tel# 705-445-1467.


Signature of Tenant:_______________________ Print Name:_______________________

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